How Samsung Stays Ahead of the Competition

How Samsung Stays Ahead of the Competition


While it’s true that Apple and other tech companies are pushing back against the dominance of Samsung in the smartphone market, there are some fundamental differences between Samsung’s budget phones and the iPhone. This article will explain how Samsung stays ahead of the competition by focusing on quality and design. Samsung products are also built with the same quality processes, so you can’t go wrong with one of its products. In addition, Samsung phones are not subject to any secret quality processes.
Samsung’s strategy to stay on top

This is Samsung’s plan to reinvent its product line. It intends to drastically improve its product competitiveness at each price tier by using new technologies and materials. It will also employ differentiated designs, metal frames, and flexible displays. The company does not plan to scrap any of its existing devices. Instead, it plans to think more strategically about future products. This year, Samsung has already committed to putting 5G technology inside most of its phones.

In 2013, the company launched the global “Design Your Life” campaign, a mobile advertising initiative to promote the connectivity capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy series of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Samsung has a long history of being at the forefront of technology in the mobile industry. Samsung washer repair Samsung phones often have the fastest processors, brightest screens, and novel high-tech features.
Its focus on quality

Quality is a priority at Samsung. The company strives to produce dependable, high-quality, dependable products of the highest possible standards. Quality management practices are essential to Samsung, improving productivity and controlling variation in its processes. To achieve this goal, Samsung applies a closed-loop methodology that includes selecting critical parameters, evaluating measurement systems, and a reaction plan. The primary purpose of CIP activities is to minimize deviations from the target.

The first step toward enhancing the company’s design capabilities was to hire faculty from a leading art college. In addition, Samsung introduced three training programs, one that taught in-house designers for two years while the others involved college and graduate-level school and an internship program. Lee and the company made these programs a personal priority, which overcame business executives’ objections. Ultimately, the training programs were successful.
Its design

The innovation process for Samsung products begins with a multidisciplinary team composed of ethnographers, marketers, musicians, writers, and others. This group is responsible for the company’s design philosophy, “Design 3.0,” and the slogan is “Make it Meaningful.” Design 3.0 is the third phase of the company’s design strategy, aiming to create meaningful product-service experiences beyond style and exterior design. Samsung’s designers are responsible for creating everything from the design of the Galaxy S6 to the Galaxy Note series.

Junho Yang, the company’s senior vice president of design, first worked in the television division. Yang helped reshape the design of the Galaxy S8, the first significant handset to do away with a home button. It also came half a year before Apple’s iPhone X. The design has remained static despite its slick new camera bump. Samsung has made a concerted effort to make its products more appealing to the masses.
Its budget phones

While Samsung leads the high-end Android market, its budget line has not quite reached the same level of quality. Its Galaxy J7 and J3 unlocked handsets cost $220 and $150, respectively, and don’t have much to offer beyond essential phone functions. Samsung must improve its budget phones to keep its customers happy, and that’s no easy task. ZTE, which recently acquired Sammy, has learned from Samsung’s mistake.

The Galaxy A21s is an excellent phone for people on a budget. It isn’t the flashiest phone on the market, but it offers a great combination of features. Its screen resolution is suitable for a budget phone and has a stylus. It also has a high-resolution camera array and is equipped with a curved back. However, Samsung hasn’t yet released the A12, which will get updates for about a year.